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There isn’t a single modern home on earth where you can’t find a towel. Towels are an important necessity whether you are working in your kitchen or having a great time of your life in a five-star hotel. You might be using towels after an extensive workout at a gym or wrapping yourself with a bath towel after a nice warm bath after an extremely hectic day. Also, towels have become an important decorative household in our modernized stylish homes. Either you are living in a small single bedroom apartment or in a villa, there’s a towel. Apparently, towel is just an absorbent piece of fabric which is used for drying a surface or your body. But it is directly related to your hygiene. So, choosing the right towel is extremely important to you.

Choosing the right towel: As already mentioned that towels are important to your health and style. Therefore, there are somethings to be kept in mind while you are purchasing towels. First the towels should be selected depending upon the purpose. So, that you can have a clear-cut idea of what type of towel you want like for bathing purpose, for outing at a beach, for gym or for wiping your face. Hence, once you know the purpose of the towel you can easily select the size of towel, as towel came in various sizes.

Fabric of towel: One of the most important characteristics of a fine towel is its fabric’s quality. For a cotton towel entire process of picking up the cotton and processing it to form a fine piece of cotton cloth, is important in determining the quality of towel. Moreover, the weaving of cotton is also important. Nonetheless, the choice of color and design wholly depends on you and the interior of your house.

Weight of towel: Towel labels often represents Grams per Square meter or GSM. It tells us about the weight of towel. Different fabrics have different weights and density. For example, a kitchen towel can be of light weight and after bath use towels can be heavy. Weight of towel also influence the drying.

Absorption of Towels: Production process of towels, the raw materials used and types of dyes used greatly impacts the quality of absorption. High quality towels have greater absorption capacity.

Softness of Towel: The quality of cotton fabric is directly related to the softness. People often select towels by feeling the softness of its fabric. Good quality towels have soft fabrics, that makes them pleasing while drying your skin.

Hygiene: While using anything for skin, the point of hygiene always comes into one’s mind. Same is the case with the use of towels. Good quality towels are easy to dry hence have minimum chances of growth of bacteria. Contrary, towels which took a long time to dry out and remain damp for most of the time are likely to house certain kinds of bacteria, that can damage your skin.

Washable towels: Quality towels that are commonly used in daily life are easily washable. After washing they do not lose their softness. Moreover, to increase the life of fabric and to keep it soft, wash towels in a moderate temperature and avoid using extra fabric softeners because it decreases its softness and absorption. Care while washing, also minimizes the shrinkage and hardening of fabric.

Design of Towels: Now-a-days towels are not only just used for the basic purpose of drying. Various kinds of elegant towels having beautiful colors, shapes and embroidery are being used just for decoration purposes. They are handled with extreme care. Such towels are selected in accordance with the colors and designs of interior households. Like for a modern look bathroom, towels with laces or elegant embroidery and various colors can complement the interior.

Outdoor purpose towels: Towels used for outing like for a picnic on a beach and hand towels for personal care, have soft fabrics that do not harm or damage the skin. Also choosing the appropriate color is a must for such activities like on a warm day of outing on a beach dark colors like black and grey may absorb heat and make your feel warmer.